Msgwrx User Guide
 Version 8.1.0 July 2020

Msgwrx User Guide


Msgwrx gives users the ability to send & receive txt messages using email or web-browser and access Txt information services on-demand or by subscription.

PO Box 331625, Takapuna, Auckland 0740, New Zealand   Telephone: +642102252223
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 Msgwrx User Guide
 Version 8.1.0 July 2020 < [contents] >

Introduction is a knowledge exchange service. Providers share information with Consumers through the medium of text messages up to 160 characters in length over the mobile networks using the MSISDN +6421674979 worldwide.

Consumers request and receive information on their mobile using text keywords sent to Msgwrx and linked to the Provider's information, which may be provided free to all or at a small charge to subscribers.

Msgwrx Words

All Providers and Consumers are provided with one Textword as part of the Msgwrx account. There is no restriction on the word except it cannot already be in use. A Textword can be updated online or from a mobile. There are no charges for a Msgwrx account or Textword other than message fees.

A Textword upgraded to a Smartword™ provides detailed tracking of requests and replies through instant email alerts to the Provider. Charges apply for the Smartword™ service.

Donít put up with users giving incorrect or false mobile numbers when they place orders or register on your web site Send a Smartword™Key to their mobile and verify it on our Smartword™Key Validation Service from your Web App

Top-of-the-range Textword with all the features of Smartword™ plus real-time retrieval of information and automated "intelligent update" facility that permits the Smartword™ to be updated by email. An unlimited number of Smartword™Plus is permitted on an account. Additional charges apply.

Casual Smartword™ requests do not require the user to subscribe to Msgwrx, however such casual users are limited to a maximum of 20 "calls" in a 90 day period. Msgwrx subscribers can make as many Smartword™ requests as they like, or have txts sent automatically upon update.

The MSISDN +6421674979 is FREE ON PLAN, ANY NZ NETWORK IN NZ OR ROAMING or standard international for non NZ mobiles.

Emsg is an established paging/text messaging software and service provider to hospitals, airlines and corporate enterprises and operating on the Internet since 1997.

Providers and Consumers follow the steps in this guide to setup a Msgwrx account, subscribe to services and create/maintain Smartword™ information streams.
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 Msgwrx User Guide
 Version 8.1.0 July 2020 < [contents] >


Go to the registration page and Txt the registration Smartword™ shown to MSISDN +6421674979 worldwide.

Enter your Txtcode, name and email address into the registration page and click Apply.

The Txtcode you entered will be verified and you will be logged in to the next page.

  • If you forget your password, simply Txt the Smartword™ to MSISDN +6421674979 worldwide for a new Key
  • You can also create a Msgwrx account automatically by Txting START to MSISDN +6421674979 worldwide
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 Msgwrx User Guide
 Version 8.1.0 July 2020 < [contents] >

Login ID & Password

Your login ID is your mobile number in international format. Do not share your login details with anyone. Login and click "Manage your Profile" button to change your user profile;

Edit your details as required.

  • Click the "Update Profile" button to save changes
  • Email address is used for acceptance of messages and return of replies
  • Select whether status and/or replies should be returned to you by email
  • To change password, enter a new password TWICE and Change Password to save
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 Msgwrx User Guide
 Version 8.1.0 July 2020 < [contents] >

Sending messages with QuickTxt

Enter a mobile number in the provided field. Use the international format if known.

Type message in "message" area and click "Send message" button.

Lower part of page shows the status of recent messages.

  • Enables Txting to your contacts' mobile numbers
  • Do NOT send messages to people you don't know
  • Do NOT send offensive or malicious txts at any time
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 Msgwrx User Guide
 Version 8.1.0 July 2020 < [contents] >

Message Confirmation & Email Submission

When a message is sent, a confirmation page indicating success or error status is shown;

Sending & Receiving Messages by Email

Msgwrx accepts messages for processing providing they are emailed from a valid email address linked to an active Msgwrx Login ID. Use the following email addressing scheme for recipients;
  • New Zealand specific network: [021. 022. 026. 027. 029.]
  • New Zealand short/long format: or
  • International GSM long format : (plus optional)
  • Email Alias/Linked Number: (substitute your domain on Intranets)
  • Refer administrator for email parts to be sent; Sender/Subject/Text
  • For best results, send emails in plain text without footers
  • Do not send attachments, which will be discarded by Msgwrx anyway
  • If requested, status and reply status messages will be emailed to your inbox
  • Your sender email address must match the valid email address on your login id
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 Msgwrx User Guide
 Version 8.1.0 July 2020 < [contents] >

Messages Sent & Received Log

Click "Message/Reply Log" to review message log, most recent messages shown first.

Full text of message is shown with recipient network/number. Date/Time indicates when the message was submitted to the mobile network or receipt of a reply, which may include optional notification by email.

Find messages by entering part name or number in search field and click "Find/List", or search for text in sent messages by clicking "InText".

Icon Descriptions

Message sent Ok           Message queued
Message send Failed        Reply received
Smartword™ Updated Ok     *GROUPCALL
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 Msgwrx User Guide
 Version 8.1.0 July 2020 < [contents] >

Creating a Smartword™

To maintain a Smartword™, click "Setup Smartword™" button then edit or copy as required.

To create a new Smartword™, enter the desired word (it must be unique) in the provided field, click the Add button and continue to edit as required. Word is rejected if already used.


to create a new Smartword™
Edit Smartword™ to maintain details or delete
view messages sent using this Smartword™
send a new message with this Smartword™ prefix
send a message to all users of this Smartword™

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 Msgwrx User Guide
 Version 8.1.0 July 2020 < [contents] >

Maintaining a Smartword™

Enter the text the users will get when they Txt this Smartword™ to MSISDN +6421674979 worldwide It can be up to 160 characters, which includes the length of the Smartword™ itself. Click Update to save changes.

  • The message will appear on the mobile exactly as it is entered here
  • Do NOT charge for Smartword™ unless your intended users have a Msgwrx account
  • Select a General category for your Smartword™
  • *BLIND and *ONEKEY and *ONEPIN are hidden from the public listing
  • Enter Minor category and Short desc to appear on public listing
  • Check to "allow subscribers" or uncheck for "on-demand" (see TxtSubscriptions)
Updating your Smartword™ by Txt

1. Create a text starting with *m: followed by the updated information
2. Send your text to MSISDN +6421674979 worldwide
3. Smartword™ updated a minute later and all subscribers sent the message

If you have more than one Smartword™ prefix your update txt with *m:Textword=
Only the registered mobile can update its associated Smartword™.
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 Msgwrx User Guide
 Version 8.1.0 July 2020 < [contents] >


Use this page to select Smartword™ information streams sorted by provider and type. Most Smartword™ calls are FREE to receive while some have a price, which is deducted from your Msgwrx balance.

Example FREE Smartword™ "On-demand": Txt HOT to MSISDN +6421674979 worldwide for a Msgwrx inquiry.

To subscribe to a Smartword™, for example AKB, click the gray blob in the active column. It will change to a green tick to show that it is active, and you will receive a Txt whenever this Smartword™ is updated.

Reserved "on-demand" Textwords;

      START      Registers or re-registers a mobile number on the Msgwrx system
      STOP       Stops any messages to the requesting number (after confirmation)
      STATUS    Sends the current account balance to the requesting mobile


      Active Active
      Inactive Inactive
      OnDemand On-Demand Only
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 Msgwrx User Guide
 Version 8.1.0 July 2020 < [contents] >

Account Maintenance Page

An Alert will be sent to your mobile when your account balance is less than $1 or exhausted.

To top-up your account, click "Account Maintenance", then "Prepay Order" to place your order.

  • Payment by direct credit or credit card accepted
  • Your account is credited upon clearance of transaction
  • You will be sent a Txt confirming your account has been credited
  • We are PCI DSS compliant and do not store any of your credit data
  • Secure online credit card facility is provided by Secure Payment Technologies
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 Msgwrx User Guide
 Version 8.1.0 July 2020 < [contents] >

Technical Notes:

1. MSISDN +6421674979 is the dedicated Emsg/Msgwrx number from any New Zealand or International network worldwide. See below for additional on-network MSISDN numbers.


Standard international rates for non NZ mobiles.

Subscribers        Word Number       Local NZ Number       International Number
2Degrees NZ      0220 MSGWRX      0220 674979           +64220674979
Vodafone NZ      021 MSGWRX        021 674979            +6421674979
Telecom NZ       0274 MSGWRX       0274 674979          +64274674979

2. All messages sent are charged to the Smartword™ holder at cost, while Zero priced messages are subsidised to the receiver by the the holder, whose account is charged accordingly. A holder may charge recipients for their Smartword™ information.

3. An unregistered user may send up to 20 requests for Zero priced Smartword™ in a rolling 90 day period without having to subscribe. The cost is passed onto the Smartword™ holder. Further requests over the allowance are logged but no response is sent.

4. Approved customers can have email updating of their Smartword™ enabled. The structure of the email address is as follows; *UPDATE.smartwordMSGWRX.COM
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