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 Msgwrx Smartword™Plus
Msgwrx Smartword™<I>Plus</I>
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August 1, 2016

The smartest Smartword™ of all features real-time information retrieval from any available data source plus automatic updating & mass Txt delivery

Perfect for rapidly changing information streams, such as exchange rates, discounts and special offers

Users can subscribe to information or request on-demand

To get started Click here

• UsersTxt your Smartword™ to +6421674979 to get information
• Copies of requests & replies emailed to your inbox
• Update your Smartword™ message by email or sms

Pricing Model (incl. GST)
• $POA consultation & setup fee
• $23/mthper Smartword™
• Low transaction fee
• On-Account & Prepay Options
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